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CalCon convinces Adler Real Estate and GWH Hessen

Munich, 11.04.2019: Within a very short time, both Adler Wohnen Service GmbH and GWH Wohnungsgesellschaft mbH Hessen have opted for IT-supported maintenance management.

Two large companies from the housing industry are currently introducing CalCon`s management software for existing buildings. Thus, in the future, further residential real estate with a total of around 100,000 units will be managed with the Munich-based company`s solution.

Adler Wohnen Service GmbH manages the residential portfolios of ADLER Real Estate AG, which is one of the leading real estate companies in Germany and the third publicly listed housing company in CalCon Group’s clientele. The strategic maintenance management will be supplemented for Adler with a module for controlling construction projects. This enables a target/performance comparison between the intrayear planned costs and the actual costs incurred.For the GWH Wohnungsgesellschaft mbH Hessen, a new function module is integrated into the system for financial planning purposes.This is important for the housing company, since the strategy development and profitability analysis are closely integrated in the overall planning of measures, variant analysis and budget decision making and thus the economic planning.

“Especially the modern interface technology makes our software products interesting for large housing companies like Adler and GWH. For example, the updating of portfolio data can be done via a real-time interface to SAP. In this way, the data is constantly kept in sync”, explains Sigrid Niemeier, CEO of CalCon Deutschland AG. “At the same time, we can also offer a lean and simple software standard for strategic maintenance management to smaller companies, as our system allows a great deal of flexibility in the level of detail required, both in terms of applications and retained data.”

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