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CalCon speaks bavarian

Munich, 07.09.2016

With the launch of the new website, a Bavarian version of the corporate presentation of the Munich-based CalCon Group is also online for the first time.

As part of the website`s redesign, the management of the CalCon-Group decided to set a sign in terms of regional roots. While so far, due to the increased international orientation of the company in recent years, only an English language version was offered, the content of the page is now also available in a Bavarian “translation”, which introduces the CalCon-Group and the epiqr® method with a wink.

Sigrid Niemeier, CEO of CalCon Deutschland AG: “We had this idea when we were looking for a German term for the so-called “home button”. The first thing that came to mind was the Bavarian word “Dahoam”. There was the idea of ​​a Bavarian website and when we realized that it had been implemented by hardly anyone, we decided to do it. After all, Munich is the home of the company, and accordingly we feel connected to the Bavarian culture and way of life. ”

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