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Not even one third thinks BIM relevant for existing buildings

Munich, May 23, 2018: The CalCon Group has conducted a survey on digitization in the real estate industry. Therein the trend potential of BIM for existing buildings is estimated comparatively low by its customers.

Although digitization is on everyone’s lips, what about the concrete implementation? After all, the real estate industry is said not to be in the forefront in this area. In order to find out where the companies are currently standing in terms of digitization, the CalCon Group has asked its customers about “digitization in the real estate industry”.

In the meantime, the topic has clearly arrived in corporate practice: the companies of more than 90 percent of the respondents are actively involved in at least some way. In particular with regard to operational optimization, various digital strategies have already been implemented – such as the digitization of master data (81%) and the linkage of software systems (73%). Nevertheless, one sees further potential in this area, especially with regard to mobile work. Here, 46 percent of those surveyed consider a future implementation to be conceivable. Second is the digitization of processes with 42 percent.

In concrete terms, all these digital strategies support building management, which is for at least 65 percent part of Building Information Modeling (BIM). Apparently this trend is expected to help in obtaining information for the management of real estate. However, reality still lags behind expectations, which is why the potential of BIM for existing buildings is estimated rather low at 29 percent, compared to 65 percent for new buildings. In particular, mobility (56%), platform technologies (49%) and cloud (42%) are seen as more promising for the portfolio management. There is also room for improvement in the digital technologies already used by companies. After all, a quarter of the interviewees is little to not satisfied – and no one is really very satisfied.

“For our customers, it’s critical that the right data is in the right place. Thus having a central platform that helps them implement their processes in the areas of building management IT-supported,” Sigrid Niemeier, CEO of CalCon Dautschland AG, interprets the survey results. “These are the requirements that BIM has to meet in building stock in order to be relevant to practice. In September, we will be presenting our new development to the public, bringing us closer to the wished for central, digital building file – “the place of truth”, as one client puts it in the survey. “

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