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e building edition 12/2020

Portfolio management

The analysis of the portfolio is in AiBATROSĀ® now also possible with IT support. We show which possibilities for flexible and individual design this entails for the user.

Flight plan

We have been part of the Aareon Group since January, and it has set itself ambitious goals for digitizing the real estate industry. In order for these goals to be achieved, they have been recorded in a so-called flight plan.

Online training

When it came to training software users, the task this year was to break new ground. In an interview, one of our trainers tells us what it takes for remote training to make sense.

Lounge went online

The premiere of the online version of our Lounge has meanwhile been successfully screened. And with the recording, you can still take part, even if you actually missed the event.

For the <br/> public sector
For the
public sector

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For the
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For corporate real estate

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For financial service procides/investors

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