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e building edition 03/2020

CalCon in retrospect

A lot has happened in the past 20 years … In a timeline, we look back at the most important events in CalCon’s corporate history and the technology sector in general.

Executive in the picture

Speechless how fast time flies? Christian Wetzel, founder of CalCon, says more than a thousand words with one look – in a very special interview.

Company in numbers

ROI, EBIT, cash flow – the world of corporate key figures is rather difficult to understand for the layperson. That is why for the anniversary we are presenting our own: from dog density to per capita coffee consumption.

Diagram through the course of time

The circular chart is one of the constants in our software. Already in the very first version it indicated the maintenance backlog and, despite some changes in recent years, is still its usual self.

For the <br/> public sector
For the
public sector

For the <br/> housing industry
For the
housing industry

For corporate real estate <br/> management
For corporate real estate

For Health Care/<br/> Sociale Systems
For Health Care/
Sociale Systems

For financial service procides/investors
For financial service procides/investors

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