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Investments in real estate is necessary, whether buildings should be kept operational or their value is to be increased in the long term. In order to proceed strategically and avoid bad investments in unprofitable portfolios or objects, objective information about the buildings is required – from their structural condition and facilities to location quality and commercial indicators. The AiBATROS® software, not only bundles all this data centrally and digitally, but also processes it IT-supported to create a reliable decision-making basis.

Data management and analysis for existing buildings

In this way, all types of real estate can be developed based on objective information about needs, strategy and yield. For this purpose, both the strategic and operational areas of the real estate industry are supported with various functional components. In addition to the assessment of the structural condition, the determination of requirements and the maintenance planning, other processes such as operator`s responsibility/health and safety precautions, technical asset management, investment and the forecast simulation for the development of buildings/portfolios are also integrated into the system.

Intelligent digitization with AiBATROS

The focus is always on efficiency. As you need scalable solutions, to process the data of whole portfolios economically. The intelligent AiBATROS® calculating engine helps to minimize the complexity by automation and to make the most of the advantages of digitization. The name of the software already makes it clear that it offers users a flexible perspective on their existing buildings. Thus they are not only able to overlook the big picture, so to speak, from a bird’s eye view. Instead, they always have the opportunity to also immerse themselves in a level with more informational depth. The “Ai” stands for the artificial, IT-based intelligence of the system, which supports the demand-oriented development of existing real estate. For example through the automatic determination of maintenance costs.

Of course, this also includes a corresponding technology: flexible database structures, a web-based application, terminal independence, responsive design, scalability … The high integration capability also facilitates the connection to other systems. And the use of cloud computing noticeably reduces the installation and maintenance effort.



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For the <br/> public sector
For the
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For the
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For corporate real estate

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For financial service procides/investors

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