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Budget planning

In order to maintain or modernize existing buildings in a targeted manner, it is necessary to plan financial needs medium- to long-term. Thus, budget planning is the crucial link between the needs-based planning of maintenance measures and their concrete implementation.

Thereby it is important to distribute the available funds in such a way that maintenance backlog and resulting losses in value are avoided as well as unnecessary investments. Here, an ongoing comparison between demand and budget provides planning security.

Budget planning tailored to the buildings` needs

The budget planning of AiBATROS® therefore provides an overview of the availability and use of the maintenance budget over time. As the costs of the IT-based planned packages of measures are here spread over pre-defined budget periods. When using the forecast simulation, the period assignment proposed there for an object, can be easily adopted. In addition to the budget, the price increase rate can also be defined in advance. As a result, a corresponding price increase is automatically taken into account for measures that are postponed to a later date.

Maintenance sustainably planed

The software can automatically assign the measure costs to different types of budget (e.g. modernization or repair). It is also possible to distinguish different types of costs (for example, costs that can be capitalized or rent-effective). Using this cost allocation, the intelligent calculating engine of AiBATROS® then calculates key figures such as the activation rate for your investment decision. Periodic, so-called running costs, such as operating costs, can also be added.

The finished budget plan can then be exported as a report. In addition, the results of the budget planning are processed graphically in the dashboards of the data management. It is also possible to create different budget plans in order to compare several variants.

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For the
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