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Interface Connection

An integrated system solution helps with the consistent management of real estate management tasks. Such as stocktaking, condition evaluation and also planning of measures for existing buildings. Thus, an interface connection to other IT applications makes sense. Making sure that a software for real estate evaluation is not an isolated solution, but is also able to map the entire maintenance process.

Interface connection in AiBATROS®

For example, buildings can be created with IT support via this interface and filled with master data, which is automatically updated when changes are made. This procedure increases the efficiency of the processes since, for example, redundant data storage no longer takes place. And also the maintenance effort is minimized. In addition, a uniform and also up-to-date central information base is thus available for all work steps. This creates information bridges between the different areas and accordingly supports the optimization of the maintenance management process.

AiBATROS® can connect all types of databases via NHIBERNATE. And REST interfaces also enable the integrative connection to various third-party systems.

For the <br/> public sector
For the
public sector

For the <br/> housing industry
For the
housing industry

For corporate real estate <br/> management
For corporate real estate

For Health Care/<br/> Sociale Systems
For Health Care/
Sociale Systems

For financial service procides/investors
For financial service procides/investors

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