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Investment calculation

When it comes to the question of whether an investment really makes sense, its return should also be considered. Of course, this economic aspect also plays an important role in the maintenance of real estate. After all, investment in existing buildings not least serves to generate added value and thus revenues. For example, the capitalization of measures also has an impact on the company balance sheet. It is therefore important to choose the most advantageous option from the multitude of investment opportunities. Taking into account the monetary corporate goals. Here, the investment calculation helps. Because it shows whether an investment should also be made from an economic point of view.

Maintenance decisions based on investment calculation

It is a purely cash-flow-oriented calculation method that provides information about the financial advantages of the individual investment projects. For this purpose, the so-called cash flow of an investment, i.e. the sum of all related deposits and withdrawals, is considered. In this way, it becomes clear how the costs and revenues of a measure relate to each other, and also which return is achieved. This information then allows a comparison of the different investment alternatives.

In order to be as efficient as possible, it makes sense to carry out the investment calculation IT-supported. For this, AiBATROS® combines the assessment of the objects` structural condition with their economical evaluation. And thus creates a comprehensive basis for decision-making for the maintenance and also development of existing buildings. For this purpose, the software analyzes all measures associated with an investment either with the DCF method or the Visualization of Financial Implications, which are set up individually for each customer.

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