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Maintenance management

In order to derive useful information for maintenance management, data must first be processed and also evaluated. To be able to do this efficiently and economically for entire portfolios, scalable solutions and intelligent technology are required.

Digital maintenance management for real estate

AiBATROS® differs from other software solutions in its intelligent calculating engine. Based on the assessment of existing buildings and properties, it automatically determines useful maintenance measures including the maintenance costs. And it also predicts the further development of the buildings` structural condition.

Flexible building assessment

When assessing the structural elements, the evaluation`s level of detail can be selected as required. The examination of different dimensions also gives a comprehensive overview of the condition of the objects; from construction to energy topics.

Simulation of real estate development

The forecast simulation based on the component lifetime and the chosen planning strategy shows what a portfolio will look like in ten years. This makes it immediately clear how which maintenance strategy affects the condition of the building and also the costs incurred.

Commercial planning

The investment calculation determines the return on various investment scenarios. On this basis, several maintenance strategies can be quickly compared in terms of their economic benefits and also the corresponding measures prioritized.

Strategic project planning

The project planning enables a cross-object planning of repair and modernization measures down to the component level. This provides a reliable overview of all packages of measures and also information on costs and execution dates of the individual projects.

In this way, users have at their disposal a reliable basis for decision-making for a proactive and also IT-supported maintenance management.

For the <br/> public sector
For the
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For the
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For financial service procides/investors

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