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Planning of Measures

In order to secure the value of real estate in the long term, investments in maintenance are necessary. However, to be able to act proactively, first of all, information about the actual state of the buildings is required. Only on this basis can then be decided in the next step, which measures should be implemented. And also where.

Needs-oriented planning of measures

After the stocktaking and evaluation with the EPIQR process, objective information is available for each object. Thus, the planning of measures can then be implemented with IT support, taking also into account the actual needs. The associated software simplifies the creation of sensibly bundled packages of measures through the standardized planning proposal. It also provides support in the subsequent prioritization and timing of measures. With the help of the forecast simulation, it is also possible to predict what effects the planned measures will have on the condition of the objects and how the related maintenance costs will develop.

For the <br/> public sector
For the
public sector

For the <br/> housing industry
For the
housing industry

For corporate real estate <br/> management
For corporate real estate

For Health Care/<br/> Sociale Systems
For Health Care/
Sociale Systems

For financial service procides/investors
For financial service procides/investors

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