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Target/performance comparison

Ideally, the maintenance of real estate takes the form of an integrated, recurring process that helps to make the management of existing buildings as efficient as possible. In addition to the stocktaking of real estate, planning of measures and budgeting, controlling also plays an important role. This purpose is served by the so-called target/performance comparison.

Controlling with the target/performance comparison

This is a form of project controlling that compares the actual values with the originally planned values. In the course of this, the reasons of the apparent deviations is also being analyzed. This allows corrective action to be taken. But how these deviations should be avoided can also be determined. For this purpose, the findings of the analysis are taken into account in future planning processes.

A software-based target/performance comparison offers the possibility to comfortably monitor the implementation of planned maintenance or modernization measures during the year. Thereby the planned costs from the software are compared with the respective tender results and also order values and the actual costs. In this way, the implementation status of the measures can also be retrieved quickly any time.

For the <br/> public sector
For the
public sector

For the <br/> housing industry
For the
housing industry

For corporate real estate <br/> management
For corporate real estate

For Health Care/<br/> Sociale Systems
For Health Care/
Sociale Systems

For financial service procides/investors
For financial service procides/investors

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