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Vacancy renovation

When it comes to increasing the rental success of residential properties, maintenance management naturally plays a decisive role. Because only those who make their existing buildings fit for future challenges can ensure their long-term rentability. For such a proactive maintenance, an efficient construction status assessment and the quick determination of the necessary measures and costs are necessary. However, this does not only apply to the buildings, but also to the apartments in them. With the help of the IT-supported vacancy renovation from AiBATROS®, it is therefore possible to evaluate their equipment in a standardized manner and to compare different maintenance strategies.

Vacancy renovation quickly and efficiently

With the help of a mobile app for data acquisition, the actual condition of an apartment can be assessed in a short time. To do this, it is sufficient to include three geometric core sizes: the living space, the number of rooms and the clear height of the room. All other geometries required for planning measures are automatically calculated by the software using statistical approximations.

The structural elements of the individual room types (kitchen, bathroom, hallway…) are assessed on the basis of four condition categories. From “A” for “very good condition” to “D” for “end of service life reached”. For a kitchen, for example, the condition of the door, floor covering, sink, skirting board, etc. can be determined objectively. If you want to go even faster, you can choose a lower level of detail and assign a general status to each room type.

The evaluation guidelines stored in the app with sample images ensure comparable results. Even if several people carry out apartment surveys. The collected data are then automatically transferred to the AiBATROS® database. Thus they are available there for evaluations and in reports and dashboards.



vacancy renovation


Automatically suggested measures with costs

The software then independently creates sensibly bundled packages of measures for each apartment. These are based on company-specific planning standards and map various maintenance variants. In this way, the necessary measures and costs for a minimal repair, repair and refurbishment of the apartment can be compared immediately. On this basis, a decision can quickly be made about the appropriate measures.

The other function blocks of the software, such as forecast simulation and investment calculation, also support this. Regardless of whether the focus is on the quick implementation of suitable measures or sustainable budget planning: with the vacancy renovation from AiBATROS®, the housing industry has reliable IT support for the objective determination of needs and efficient planning of measures at the apartment level.

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