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Visualization of Financial Implications

Emergency repair, maintenance, modernization or even demolition and new construction? Investments in existing buildings are necessary. In order to invest in a future-oriented manner and also avoid investments in unprofitable stocks or properties, it is not only important to keep an eye on the real estate portfolio and the maintenance strategy. Because the available budget restricts the investment opportunities. It is therefore necessary to also set priorities and implement measures that make sense from an economic point of view. One way to do this is the Visualization of Financial Implications.

Determine assets

This is a method of investment calculation that determines the asset of an investment. Meaning the financial gain, which is reached at the end of the period under review. In contrast to the DCF method, the estimated cash flow of future returns is compounded to a future date. Additionally, the Visualization of Financial Implications offers the opportunity to include taxes. In this way, both the financial side and also the illustration of the tax consequences of the different investment alternatives are considered.

IT-supported implementation of Visualization of Financial Implications

With the module “Investment”, customer-specific calculation logics for the Visualization of Financial Implications can also be stored in the AiBATROS® software. Thus, the return on investment is also determined for existing buildings by IT. In particular, the planned investment costs and the ongoing maintenance costs are simply taken over from the system. A customer-specific cost divider also makes it possible to integrate the forecasted increases in rent for residential buildings, which can be acieved by modernization measures, into the analysis.

For the <br/> public sector
For the
public sector

For the <br/> housing industry
For the
housing industry

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For corporate real estate

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For Health Care/
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For financial service procides/investors
For financial service procides/investors

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