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Nassauische Heimstätte introduces epiqr®

Munich, 03.08.2018: The Nassauische Heimstätte/Wohnstadt Group is introducing epiqr® in order to optimize the needs-oriented and sustainable development of its housing stock with IT support.

The Nassauische Heimstätte/Wohnstadt Group has been offering comprehensive services in the areas of housing, construction and development for more than 90 years. With around 60,000 apartments at around 140 locations, it is one of the leading German housing companies. The responsibility for people and habitats in the middle of Germany is central to their actions. The aim is to provide people affordable housing that suits their individual life situation – without, of course, losing sight of the business aspects. For this purpose, the housing stock is developed needs-based and sustainable.

In doing so, the company now is supported by epiqr®. The software-based process provides objective information on the actual state of the housing stock and the corresponding maintenance requirements in a relatively short time. This will allow the Group to use its resources more effectively in the future in order to increase the quality and value of its buildings and the satisfaction of its tenants. “epiqr® provides us with all the essential information on the condition and equipment of our buildings in a database. This information on the maintenance backlog will help us increase the speed and quality when generating project proposals. In addition, epiqr® supports us in budgeting and planning measures for major refurbishments and modernizations, “says Dr. Thomas Hain, Managing Director of the Group. “Another important point for us is the implementation of the climate protection goals for 2050. There We also hope to be supported by the epiqr® information on the energetic quality of our buildings.”

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