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AiBATROS: New development of the CalCon Group

Munich, 31.08.2018: Munich-based CalCon Group launches AiBATROS, a web-based software for the management of existing buildings. It differs, apart from technical innovations, also in content from the company`s first product line epiqr®.

It is now almost natural for software companies to switch to web-based, device-independent and responsive technologies. The CalCon Group, however, goes one step further with its new development: “Over the last few years, we have gathered so many ideas and experiences from our customers that a new system architecture was necessary to implement all these impulses with maximum flexibility”, explains Sigrid Niemeier, CEO of CalCon Deutschland AG. “Of course, the well-established epiqr® core is also an essential part of the new product. But while epiqr® is well-known for the evaluation of existing buildings, the assessment of maintenance needs and maintenance planning, the new software makes it possible to map far more property management processes.”

Flexibility for property management processes

Therefore, CalCon decided not to introduce the software as a mere next version of epiqr®, but to give it a new name with AiBATROS. “An albatross is a powerful and beautiful bird that sails with wide wings across the seas,” Sigrid Niemeier explains the name. “From a bird’s eye perspective, he has the big picture in view. But when he dives into the sea, he has targeted a single small fish. This is exactly what the software allows our customers to do, for example with new flexible evaluation models. So they can decide what should be evaluated how – of course, as always with automatically determined costs and maintenance options. And because our Albatross has an IT-based intelligence, he is an “Ai” BATROS.”

Project controlling, forecast simulation, technical asset management

The content changes include processes such as area management, operator responsibility, technical asset management and project controlling. For the strategic sector especially the building/stock simulation is interesting. Thus, state and cost developments become predictable depending on the pursued planning strategy and the expected component life.

As far as the technological innovations are concerned, AiBATROS is based on a high-performance 3-tier architecture and can be used as a web-based application regardless of the device. All types of databases can be connected via NHIBERNATE and REST interfaces ensure the integrative connection to various third-party systems. In this way, the necessary information for all processes can be kept centrally without great effort. “epiqr® already manages amounts of data that place extreme demands on performance – one example is the Institute for Federal Real Estate, which manages 90,000 buildings and 5,200 properties with epiqr®,” says Sigrid Niemeier. “The future will bring much more usable data with developments such as IoT and sensors. In order to be able to process these intelligently while delivering good performance, new technologies are needed.”


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