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DW 08/2019

DW 08/19 "AI used cleverly"
The subsequent creation of plans for existing buildings is very time-consuming - artificial intelligence helps to change that.

DDIV 05/19

DDIV aktuell 05/19 "Avoiding maintenance jam"
How property managers use IT-assisted maintenance to efficiently capture data and proactively plan actions..

DFM 06/19

DFM 06/19 "Start BIM at the beginning"
A patent pending process makes it possible to economically create plans, façade views and point clouds of existing buildings.

DW 04/19

DW 04/19 "Keeping the data together"
Our new software not only uses intelligent calculation logic, it also enables the mapping of the entire technical data management.

IW 05/18

IW 05/18 "Bring BIM for existing buildings"
For real estate management to profit from BIM, integrated digital systems are required.

DW 04/18

DW 04/18 "Benchmark à la Carte"
The work group Maintenance Cost Benchmark has developed a method for calculating a maintenance cost indicator.

DFM 12/17

DFM 12/17 "Smart data renders buildings smart"
BIM and Smart Building – the reality of real estate management usually looks different. But even there, the advantages of digitization can be exploited.

BBB 10/17

BBB 10/2017 "Energetic efficiency of residential buildings"
CalCon has analyzed residential buildings in Germany in terms of their energy efficiency.

DW 07/17

DW 07/17 "Minimizing risk à la ÖWG Wohnbau"
A simple and efficient residential safety solution was the goal of the development partnership between ÖWG and CalCon.

DFM 05/17

DFM 05/2017 "Of enclosures and drainage nets"
In order to implement holistic construction maintenance, the epiqr® process was transferred to outdoor facilities for BImA.
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