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CalCon creates plans with VOXELGRID technology

Munich, 04.09.2019: CalCon is the first partner of VOXELGRID GmbH to supply plans for existing buildings quickly and economically by using imaging techniques and artificial intelligence.

How building information modeling should work beyond new buildings is still hardly an issue. According to a CalCon Group customer survey concerning existing buildings, only two percent of the respondents believe that BIM will not facilitate their real estate management. Nevertheless, the majority (66 percent) says they do not have any 3D CAD models for their existing buildings. But even 2D information is in short supply: at 56 percent, not even a quarter of the real estate is digitized in this way. There is still a long way to go on the way to BIM – and without the corresponding data, the real estate industry will not get any further. For this reason, CalCon cooperates with the Munich-based start-up VOXELGRID GmbH, which has developed a process for the rapid creation of digital planning material.

High-tech in the form of photogrammetry and LIDAR is used to capture existing buildings from the inside and outside as quickly and inexpensively as possible. Based on this information, Deep-Learning helps create FM-compliant plans. The CalCon Group is thus expanding its range of products for real estate management with the following products:
• 2D plans, 1: 100
• Façade views, 1: 100
• Point clouds as a .txt file

“As a Fraunhofer spin-off, of course, we are very interested in innovations – as shown by our regular participation in European and national research projects,” says Sigrid Niemeier, CEO of CalCon Deutschland AG. “The idea behind the VOXELGRID technology to procure the data required for BIM also for existing buildings with relatively little effort, fits perfectly with our corporate philosophy. After all, we have been dealing with scalable and efficient solutions for real estate assessment and maintenance management for years. With this partnership, we can once again provide our customers with innovations for their real estate management.”

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