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How to determine the state of your buildings with little effort

Technical building analysis

Those who make the best use of the means for the maintenance and modernization of existing buildings can not only reduce costs, but also increase the value of their portfolio in the long term. However, this requires objective information on the condition of the individual buildings and properties. This is provided by a technical building analysis.

technical building analysis


Efficient: Technical building analysis with the EPIQR-process

As a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics CalCon has a scientific method to efficiently assess your real estate. With the EPIQR-process, we not only supply you with the actual state of the most important components for each of your properties, but also the necessary maintenance measures. Thereby, effort and benefit are in optimal proportion to each other according to the Pareto principle. The capture is as detailed as necessary and at the same time as simple as possible. Reliable results are provided by statistical extrapolations based on Europe-wide empirically collected data.

This provides you with the information necessary for needs-based planning of maintenance measures – quickly and easily.


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