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Vivantes uses epiqr® for the development of healthcare properties

Munich, 04.09.2015

Vivantes Netzwerk für Gesundheit GmbH relies on epiqr® for the planned further development of its real estate portfolio. Currently, the assessment of about 170 buildings in Berlin is in progress.

Vivantes – Netzwerk für Gesundheit GmbH is the largest municipal hospital operator in Germany. In order to further develop its real estate portfolio in the context of strategic planning, 16 properties of the hospital group are assessed structurally and technically using the epiqr® method. The acquisition of a total of approx. 745,000 m² GFA – including clinics, senior care homes and therapy buildings – is already under way. Afterwards, on the basis of the determined states, an appropriate measures and budget planning will be carried out for the next years.

From the point of view of construction management (Vivantes Service GmbH), the assessmemt of the state of the technical facilities forms the basis for a strategic development of the properties in order to continue to provide high-quality, fair and affordable medical care in the future. Economy, without compromising on the quality and scope of medical care, is a topic to which Vivantes has to pay particular attention as a municipal company. Here epiqr® convinced with its efficient approach.

“Particularly for hospitals, given the increasing cost and competitive pressure, it is important to consider the potential for optimizing their buildings – the better their condition, the better the basic conditions for patients and employees,” explains Jessica Deilmann-Ayaz from CalCon Deutschland AG, whose specialist areas include health real estate. “With the help of targeted strategic stock management, tangible value-added effects can be achieved and unused optimization potential realized, for example by efficient bundling of measures or proactive maintenance.”

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