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White paper “Data-based maintenance management”

Building data is the central basis for strategic maintenance management. The white paper by the Aareon subsidiary CalCon shows what needs to be considered when procuring and processing them in order to efficiently arrive at a useful basis for decision-making.

Mainz/Munich, June, 8 2022 – Data is a valuable raw material when it comes to the future viability and competitiveness of companies. In the real estate sector in particular, there is still great potential for using data as a basis for decision-making. Therefore, CalCon, a company of the Aareon Group, has published a white paper with efficient solutions for the practical challenges of data-based maintenance management. The company has been using the Pareto principle for its software solutions for strategic maintenance management for over 20 years.

Benjamin Oberwallner, Head of Solution Management at CalCon Deutschland GmbH: “When we talk about object data, then less is actually more, because reliable decisions require objective information – about the whole portfolio. Accordingly, data maintenance alone is a challenge that actually requires a kind of digital caretaker. That is why many BIM projects end up as lighthouse projects that stand out from the existing stock, but are hardly groundbreaking for it.”

When building a uniform database for the entire portfolio, efficiency becomes a decisive success factor. From data quality to data analysis, the white paper shows the main problems and gives tips for an efficient solution. The goal does not have to be a digital twin for every object. First, with the help of an individual data model, the focus should be on the data that is really necessary for the company. This data model can then be successively expanded – also by integrating 3D models or 360-degree images. In this way, data unfolds its full benefit for the management of buildings without diverting too much time and attention from the central tasks.

On this basis, it is then possible to identify risks in good time and to optimize investments accordingly, for example in energy efficiency, accessibility, reduction of pollutants or fire protection. After all, there are many imaginable real estate strategies, but only one budget to ultimately implement them.


Datenbasiertes Instandhaltungsmanagement

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