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White paper on the implementation municipal real estate projects

Munich, 31.07.2017: CalCon, the experts for the analysis of real estate and portfolio management, and i2fm, the Oberhausen institute with a focus on resources strategy, have jointly created a white paper that supports municipal real estate managers in their decision-making.

Grants create desires, but must be used meaningfully, so that municipalities can benefit from them in the long term. The basis for this is a real estate strategy, from which decision bases for investments can be derived. The white paper “And forever lures the funding – How to usefully realize municipal real estate projects” by CalCon and i2fm helps local authorities develop a flexible development corridor for the medium and long term use of real estate financial resources.

In addition, a questionnaire has been developed for the implementation into practice, which can be requested free of charge. It contains questions from the areas “Usage & Demand”, “Construction & Technology” as well as “Provisioning”, with which municipal real estate managers can collect the necessary information for planning and structure the interdisciplinary exchange.

“We provide municipalities with a practical tool to critically analyze their use of their real estate and, on the other hand, to work constructively on the development of a real estate strategy,” explaines Anke Herrmann, Managing Director of CalCon Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH. “On this basis, the funds can then be used purposefully – no matter from which pot the financing ultimately comes.“

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