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White paper sustainable portfolio optimization

Mainz/Munich, March 9, 2022 – CalCon, a company of the Aareon Group, has published a white paper on sustainable portfolio optimization in the building sector: “Step by step to an ESG-controlled investment concept”. As one of the 16 initiators of the Deutschen Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen (DGNB), CalCon dealt with the sustainability of existing buildings early on.

Anke Herrmann, Managing Director of CalCon Deutschland GmbH: “Sustainability could also become a key competitive factor for existing buildings. Because the more future-proof and effective a building, the greater its potential for value creation.”

The CalCon white paper emphasizes that due to the lower number of new buildings, the existing building stock is an important lever to really make a difference towards achieving the climate goals. The basis for a future-proof optimization and development of existing properties is sustainable portfolio management and development. In order to increase value creation potential and to implement ecological goals economically, transparency is required – this means reliable technical information on the individual properties, which, in addition to the CO2 footprint and the structural condition, also includes other ESG-specific criteria.

Asset managers currently see data collection at object level as the greatest challenge in ESG-compliant portfolio management. The white paper shows how companies can tackle the problem of data procurement with digital support and thus efficiently. The result is a step-by-step ESG-controlled investment concept, in which the optimal ecological maintenance strategy for sub-portfolios in the same segment as well as for individual properties is derived from an analysis of the building data at portfolio level.

Torsten Rau, Managing Director of Aareon Deutschland GmbH: “In order to make more sustainability practicable across the board, it is important to the Aareon Group to support the real estate industry with well-founded information such as this white paper and intelligent IT solutions.”

The white paper is available for download here:

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